Lenda Financing Redesign

Lenda is a consumer home mortgage company seeking to streamline loan approval and funding process. The existing rate quote and loan application process has a 98% drop-off rate. My task was to design a more intuitive experience to reduce drop-off rate and improve product sign-up.

_ Remove friction to drive users through the entire application funnel
_ Eliminate confusion throughout the user flow to improve input accuracy 
_ Provide stronger progress indications during the process to manage user expectations
_ Provide guidance, education and confidence to gain users’ trust
_ Anticipate user error scenarios and provide preemptive tool tips and progressive options
_ Conduct multiple rounds of usability studies to guide the redesign effort

_ Provide real-time rate quote results based on progressive user input 
_ Create live chat and knowledge-base features to assist user interaction
_ Create review sections that allow users to audit documents and track progress

  • UX Methodologies

    • Stakeholder interviews
    • Industry expert interviews
    • User interviews
    • Heuristic evaluation
    • Competitive analysis
    • Wireframe
    • Axure prototype
    • Usability testing

  • Download design process PDF