Demandforce On-boarding Wizard

Demandforce is a cloud-based marketing application that integrates with small business owners’ management systems. Given the complex automated communication settings, sales assistance was necessary to onboard new users. My task was to design a self-onboarding user experience to allow successful product set up and adoption.

_ Remove the on-boarding assistance from sales staff responsibilities
_ Reduce basic setup time by 35%
_ Improve data input consistency across all levels of sales experience
_ Consolidate data input from ten locations into a single entry interface
_ Communicate the value of product features for higher user adoption 

_ Guide users through a four-step process to enter their business information
_ Set up automated communication templates and preferences
_ Set up an online business profile page
_ Publish business information via Google, Bing, CitySearch and other search engines

  • UX Methodologies

    • Internal and external requirement gathering
    • Quantitive customer survey
    • User interviews
    • Customer journey map
    • Wireframe
    • Axure prototype
    • Visual design
    • Usability testing

  • Download design process PDF